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September 1, 2016

Remaining cautiously optimistic about Suicide in Mesa County- it’s the ONLY option.

by Greg Rajnowski I’m always skeptical of people that use “ONLY,” “ALL,” “NEVER,” “NOTHING,” “EVERYONE,” and “ALWAYS,” in their expressions. For me, it’s kind of like the scene in Star Wars: Episode III, where Anakin states, “If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy,” and then Obi-wan ironically states, […]
July 22, 2015

Try a Little Harder, be a Little Healther

by Andi Goddeyne “My boyfriend doesn’t want to get his license because he rides his bike everywhere he goes. “ That’s the sentence I say just before I find myself on the receiving end of incredulous, judgmental, and scrutinizing looks. It’s true. My boyfriend doesn’t have a car or a license […]
July 7, 2015

Embrace Health

Embrace Health by Andi Goddeyne It’s no secret women have a tendency to judge their own bodies a little more harshly than men. I must admit, I too fall into that habit from time to time. It wasn’t until I entered college, I started to get a better understanding of […]