Goal: Improve the health of children by empowering families 

Parents and caregivers contribute to the environments in which their children live, learn and grow. They influence their children’s health by demonstrating behaviors and attitudes that set the tone for their family. By interacting with children, caregivers develop connections that affect behaviors. In these three ways, families impact the physical and mental health, ongoing development and prevalence of risk behaviours among children.

Sarah White and son, Oliver, are local strong family

Palisade, Colo. – It’s just after 3 p.m. on a Tuesday, and Sarah White is feeding her son, Oliver, a snack. The toddler is a big eater. White, a 21-year-old single mom and college student, cuts cherry tomatoes at the kitchen counter of her Palisade home while Oliver devours a banana.  Read More…

Basic Needs

For information on financial stability, food and nutrition, health and safety and housing, click here.

Personal Enrichment

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Child and Elder Care

Taking care of others is a very rewarding challenge. Whether you are taking care of a child or an older adult, you are not alone. For local resources available to help you along your journey, click here.

Programs and Mentoring

For resources for expecting parents and parents of children with special needs and ways to develop parenting skills, click here.