Goal: Improve health outcomes by coordinating care across the entire health system- medical, behavioral, and social.

Public Assistance

Access to social support systems improve access and availability of health care for those that most need it.

Finances not only affect you but also the rest of your family. If you need help, look no further. There are resources to help your through the difficult times and get you back on your feet. Or, do you think you could be better at money management? There are programs and classes for that. Check out these resources for more information.

Aid to Needy and Disabled/Blind

Low income aged 18-59 years old with total work disabilities may be eligible for cash payments each month. For more information and program requirements, check it out by clicking here.

Child Care Assistance Program

This program offers low-income families funds for childcare. If a parent is working, searching for employment or in school, you may be eligible. And parents, you get to choose your child care provider! For more information and how to enroll, click here or stop by the Mesa County Department of Human Services (510 29 1/2 Rd.).

Colorado Works Program

This program (also known as TANF or Temporary Aid to Needy Families) provides temporary assistance to help families secure employment and attain self-sufficiency. This service is available to pregnant women and families that have one or more children. For more information click here.

Hope of the Grand Valley

This organization focuses on helping hardworking, low-income families who are not receiving government assistance. They focus on helping create a positive environment for the children to have healthy, successful futures. Check it out by clicking here.

LEAP Energy Program

This federally program helps eligible hard-working Colorado families, seniors, and individuals pay for a portion of their winter home heating costs. To qualify you must fall into the 150% poverty level line. For other qualifications and information click here.

Old Age Pension

This program provides financial assistance and health care benefits for low-income adults age 60 or older. Medical coverage, other benefits and eligibility requirements can be found by clicking here.

Western Colorado 211

Find local resources and other assistance programs by using the search feature in 211. Click on “Help Starts Here!” Begin searching for local resources by going to http://www.wc211.org/.

Strengthen your family (literally) with good food. Check out these resources below which can help you provide food for your family and help you make healthy choices!

Agape Food Bank

Food is available at the Fruita Civic Center basement on Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. This is available to Fruita residents only. Call: 970-858-3663.

Clifton Christian Church

Food, clothing, household items and diapers are given out weekly. Call 970-434-7392 for more information. You must have a Colorado ID to receive items.

Community Food Bank

For times, elibigibility and everything you need to know about our local food bank, click here. Do you have extra food that may go to waste? Donate it!

Cooking Matters

Need help in the kitchen? Want to improve your cooking knowledge and skills? Look no further. Hilltop’s Cooking Matters offers free two-hour classes once a week for six weeks. Cooking classes mean you and your family will be eating nutritious, delicious food at the classes. Then you get to take home groceries! How can it get any better? Chefs and dieticians are available to answer questions during the program as well. For more information, call (970) 201-2072.

Food Assistance Program

Based on your income level, food assistance is available. Not only will you receive food for you and your family, but also services to help you find employment. Check it out by clicking here.

Grand Valley Catholic Outreach-Soup Kitchen

Did you know this organization serves about 275 meals every day? That’s right. If you or your family is in need of a hot meal, get more information by clicking here.

Gray Gourmet

This St. Mary’s program provides nutritional meals to seniors. Gray Gourment not only provides in-home meals or a dining experience, but also good company! Click here for more information.

Got Kids Roadmap

Not sure what services are available for your family here in Mesa County? Visit this interactive map to find out! From child care to oral health, this roadmap can connect you to the best! To view the Got Kids Roadmap by the Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families, visit http://www.gotkidsroadmap.com/.

Palisade Church of the Nazarene

Food boxes are available twice a month. For days, times and more information call 970-464-7770.

Salvation Army

Check out the Salvation Army for food, clothing, furniture, household items and much more. You must be a Mesa County resident (ID and current address required). Click here for more information.

Seventh Day Adventist Community Service Center

A few times per week, this organization has food boxes and clothing for emergencies. Call 970-242-2277 for more information.

Trinity Baptist Church

This food bank and meals is open to residents (ID required). Call 970-242-2355 for more information regarding times and days of the week.

Western Colorado 211

Find local food pantries and other assistance programs by using the search feature in 211. Click on “Help Starts Here!” Begin searching for local resources by going to http://www.wc211.org/.

Western Slope Food Bank of the Rockies

Is you or your family in need of food? Check out the food bank. Click here to get in contact with a Western Slope representative.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

WIC, offered by the Mesa County Health Department, is a supplemental food and nutrition program designed to improve the health of women, infants and children up to 5 years of age. The program provides nutrition education and referrals to other health care programs. WIC also provides families with extra food, which can include fresh milk, eggs, beans, cheese, peanut butter, cereal, tuna, carrots, infant juice and special infant formula. To see if your family qualifies, visit http://www.health.mesacounty.us/wic/ or call (970) 248-6900.

Health and safety is very important to have a strong family. For help accessing health care and other necessities, see the resources below.

B4Babies & Beyond

B4Babies & Beyond is a free service offered by Hilltop. Are you pregnant and cannot afford what is offered by your employer? Do you have children that are uninsured? B4Babies & Beyond offers temporary insurance cards for Medicaid and Child Health Plan (CHP+). This service helps find a physician, with referrals and translation for Spanish-speaking women. Nearly 50 percent of all pregnant women use B4Babies & Beyond. To see if you qualify, visit  http://www.htop.org/child/b4b  or call (970) 683-2634.

Connect for Health Colorado

Insurance is available for you and your family. Check out Connect for Health Colorado to see how they can fit your family’s needs. Click  here .

Got Kids Roadmap

Not sure what services are available for your family here in Mesa County?  Click  here  to view some of the health care options here in the Grand Valley. Also, click here  to view public safety information.

Healthy Communities

A Mesa County Health Department program can help you apply for Medicaid or CHP+, find a physician or medical home, and help explain to you the Medicaid and CHP+ benefits. Let a Family Coordinator help you apply for and understand benefits. We get it; it’s not easy! Click here for more info.


Immunizations prevent disease. The decision to immunize is the decision to help protect individuals and entire communities from diseases that can spread from person to person. Have your children and family immunized at the Mesa County Health Department for an affordable price! Whether your child is starting school of if your family is traveling out of country, we can help you and your family stay safe from potentially contracting a deadly disease. For more information, visit http://health.mesacounty.us/immunizations/  or call (970) 248-6900. Appointments are encouraged; walk-ins welcome.

Long Term Care Medicaid

There are assistance programs available for the aged, blind and disabled. They can help financially and with health coverage. To view eligibility requirements and how to enroll click here.


Medicaid is a health care benefit program for minor children, parents of minor children, and pregnant women who meet income and resource eligibility guidelines. Colorado Medicaid can pay for most health care services including physician serviceds, family planning, immunizations, and community health services. For more information and to apply click here .


Do you have a child under the age of 5? Let SafeCare help you make your home safe! This free program helps parents childproof their homes to keep youngsters safe. Click here for eligibility requirements and more information.

Old Age Pension

This program provides financial assistance and health care benefits for low-income adults age 60 or older. Medical coverage, other benefits and eligibility requirements can be found by clicking here.

Pregnancy Center of Grand Junction

Free services: pregnancy testing, information on parenting and pregnancy and referrals for future services. Supplies such as maternity and baby clothes, diapers and formula are also available. For more information, visit www.pregnancy-center.org or call (970) 241-7474.

Western Colorado 211

Find local assistance programs by using the search feature in 211. Click on “Help Starts Here!” Begin searching for local resources by going to http://www.wc211.org/.

Do you need a place to call home? Or, are you in need of a temporary home? Check out the resources below which best fit your family’s needs.

Almost Home Program

This Grand Valley Catholic Outreach program provides weekly Renters’ Guide listing vacancies throughout Mesa County. Find a home for your family, today! For more information click here.

Grand Junction Housing Authority

Do you need a place to call home? Look no further. The Grand Junction Housing Authority is continuously assisting low-income people in renting, home-ownership, or temporary homes. To find your new place to call home, click here.

Grand Valley Catholic Outreach-Housing and Financial Aid

Did you know that the Grand Valley Catholic Outreach programs have helped hundreds of families from evictions, restored their utilities, and assisted in finding permanent housing? That’s right! For financial aid information click here and for housing information click here.

HomewardBound of the Grand Valley

This organization provides for adults and families seeking temporary shelter. They create a pathway to finding homes for the homeless and connecting them to other agencies around the valley. Check it out:http://www.homewardboundgv.org/

Latimer House

Do you need to seek refuge from domestic violence? If so, contact the Latimer House as soon as possible. Click here.

The Day House

The Grand Valley Catholic Outreach has warm showers, mail, laundry and other necessities available to people 18 years or older. For more information click here.

The House

Hey teens, are you looking for a safe place to stay? Or, need help getting back on your feet? Check out The House by clicking here; they’re here to help you.