The less you smoke, the more you live

The less you smoke, the more you live


by Paula Anderson

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Quitting tobacco is tough.

Have I smoked?   No.

But as Smoking Cessation Liaison for Primary Care Partners, I’ve talked with hundreds who do smoke. Most of them would like to quit tomorrow, and almost all of them wish they’d never started

22% of Mesa County residents are current cigarette smokers.


But for most, it’s not that easy.

They want that motivator that makes it crystal clear that the time has come. Some arrive at that point when they get a diagnosis that scares them, or maybe they find out they’re having a baby, or they want to be a better role model for their kids or grandkids. RobsYou FB 403x403 r2 CEMETERY 1 

14% of Mesa County high school students smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days.


But for most people, it’s a far murkier terrain, because parting with tobacco has a lot of emotional elements to it.

So is it will power? That’s just a part of it.

It’s really about readiness. When you know, you’re done, when you’re ready for something different.

So the challenge, then, is getting to that point, and that goes back to motivation.

What do you want your life to look like in 10 years? In five?  Next summer?

What do you want to be doing? How do you want to feel? How is tobacco robbing you of that, not only physically, but financially?

 – Smoking costs, on average, $5,000 per year per person.


Start thinking of what you can do with all that money you’re giving to the tobacco companies. Once you quit, you can start paying yourself!

Then you’ll be investing in your health ~ in the rest of your life!


The first of four 2016 Mesa County Smokeout quit dates is January 19.  Join your fellow community members and quit tobacco!  For more information on local classes resources and support click here.

The Colorado QuitLine is a FREE online service available to Colorado residents 15 years of age and over. When you become a member, you get special tools, a support team of coaches, research-based information, and a community of others trying to become tobacco free. Our expert coaches can talk to you about overcoming common barriers, such as dealing with stress, fighting cravings, and coping with irritability. 

ColoradoQuitLineLogoColorado Quitline also offers a free telephone service, so you can speak to a coach in person if you would prefer. Through the telephone program, you can receive a supply of patches and other nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) too.

Call the QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or 1-800-784-8669. Click here.


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