Resolution reset: how to resolve for a better life, not just a better year

Resolution reset: how to resolve for a better life, not just a better year

by Lindsay Maurer

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Resolutions?? What’s that??  We are officially 6 weeks into 2018 and for many of us, our resolutions for making 2018 a greater, healthier, more fulfilling year have gone by the wayside.  If I have learned anything in my career as a health and fitness pro and entrepreneur, it’s that often times resolutions are made in a manner that isn’t sustainable. We want to lose weight, save money, take more time for ourselves, be more profitable and more productive but we never set about doing these things in a manner that inspires us.  We set goals but never write them down, we want to accomplish them but never actually apply a timeline to them.  Last time I checked, someday isn’t on the calendar.

After several years in my business, I realized I had been setting goals for myself that were simply too small—too average. They didn’t actually inspire me and set my soul on fire enough for me to stick with them.   I wasn’t applying a timeline, and I wasn’t chasing those goals because I didn’t actually care enough about them.  They didn’t scare me and make me feel like a crazy person for actually considering them.  It is when I started applying a mindset change of “better life” instead of “better year” that I got brave and scared enough to actually get going.

So how do I make, accomplish, and maintain my goals and resolutions do you ask??

Fear, effort, and ENERGY.

The major reason most people are not living the life they want is that they aren’t creating the life they want. The goals they have set for themselves aren’t their own goals; they are someone else’s.  They aren’t goals they actually want, they are goals that everyone else wants. No wonder they don’t follow them up with any energy. The only thing anyone in any position can control is their effort.  Hustle is the only controllable pillar of success, and I have some great news for you!  YOU are the person that can control it.  The only explanation for people not applying the right amount of effort is because their goals are too small. When you are excited, you use fear, effort, and energy. You only fail when you quit, and you only come up short when you don’t exert the right amount of energy.

When was the last time you were truly inspired?

We are taught to be practical.  What that leads to is setting goals that are mundane, uninspired and unmotivating to actually achieve.  Sure, practicality is necessary for many areas of our life.  We cant buy a Ford GT when we need a Honda minivan.  But, when the time comes to set goals and resolutions for growth, it’s time to trade practical resolutions and goals with ideas that are unreasonable, impractical and that stretch you beyond the average and ordinary.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What thing have you always been passionate about and willing to do for no pay?
  1. What would you be doing if money was of no thought?
  1. What is your daydream?
  1. Will your friends label you “crazy” for the pursuit of this goal?

Find that thing that you are obsessed with and then make that your life purpose, not just a simple resolution. Every extraordinary person you know was an ordinary person that became obsessed with some crazy, greater, unachievable goal—and refused to let go of it.

This is not the time for small thinking, or to seek approval from your peers. Great people do great things; not because they are great, but because they refuse to be average.  Regardless of your story, there is a greater potential in you. Don’t let the greatest grief of your life be the loss of your own purpose.

This February let’s reset for a new life, not just a new year. Let’s set goals so inspiring that you are willing to give up other things you once found entertaining.  I challenge you to get comfortable being uncomfortable and start chasing the life you actually want and the person you really are.  Let’s do epic stuff and change the world, one crazy, beautiful goal at a time.

Never, ever quit your daydream

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2018. Let’s crush it together.

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