D51 students “Eat Smart” at School Lunch!

D51 students “Eat Smart” at School Lunch!


by Dan Sharp

 In recent years, there have been many changes to the school lunch program.  We have seen the “food pyramid” changed to “my plate.”  Locally, there haveunnamed been recipe and staff changes.  The most significant change has been the move back to the “good ol’ days” of scratch cooking – and it is happening right here in Mesa County D51 schools!

D51 LunchAs part of the new “myplate” healthy meal guidelines, we have posted the circle graphic in all school lunch lines to help students with food choices.

It’s easy, simply choose at least 3 colored circles (food groups) and at least one should be red (Fruits) or green (Vegetables).  Students can choose up to five food items and can have seconds with fruits and veggies.                          

The really exciting news are the new salad bars at all schools this year!  Studies reveal students who are able to self- select fruits and vegetables,D51 culinary staff consume more of a balanced meal and subsequently increase student achievement.

 School dishes have been “kid tested” by our culinary- trained team to gain input & feedback from our students before we finish the menu for the next school year.  Please see our new 5 week menu at the district parent website.

D51 nutrition trainingHelp us fuel successful learning by choosing healthy and good tasting school lunches prepared fresh daily at school for your students.

How can you continue these good habits at home? Eat smart and healthy, make half your plate fruit and veggies.D51 salad bar

 Visit Healthy Mesa County on Pinterest for tips and recipes for meals, packed lunches, snacks, and other kid friendly ideas!

“We fuel successful learning.”

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