Substance Use Prevention

Organizations throughout Mesa County are working together to address substance use in our community, specifically focusing on opioid abuse prevention, youth substance use prevention, and tobacco use prevention. 

Our Partners [Opioid Prevention]

  • Advocates for Recovery
  • Amos Counseling and Sober Housing Association 
  • Community Hospital
  • Colorado Health Network
  • Colorado Mesa University
  • Counseling Education Center
  • District 51
  • Front Range Clinic
  • Grand Junction Recovery 
  • Hilltop Family Resource Center
  • Karis, Inc.
  • Mesa County Criminal Justice Services
  • Newly Free
  • Oxford House
  • Primary Care Partners
  • Quality Health Network
  • Riverside Educational Center
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plans
  • Sober AF Entertainment
  • The Steadman Group
  • VA Western Colorado Health Care
  • Voices of Awareness

Our Partners [Tobacco Prevention]

We’re creating updated content for you. Check back to learn about our Tobacco-Free initiatives.

Our Partners [Youth Substance Use Prevention]

  • Mesa County Partners, in collaboration with Ariel Clinical Services, are implementing two programs for youth referred to Partners from local court systems: implementation of Botvin LifeSkills, and referral and treatment system for counseling. Youth receiving the Botvin LifeSkills programming are taught personal self-management skills, general social skills and drug resistance skills. Ariel Clinical Services provides counseling support to youth who are referred to Partners and in need of mental health support.


  • The Riverside Educational Center is also implementing Botvin LifeSkills with all students who are enrolled in REC, no matter the grade level. Between Spring 2020 and Fall 2021, they have been able to reach 180 students with Botvin LifeSkills, promoting positive health and personal development.