Bike Commuting Toolkit

Step 1: Find a Safe Route

Health Mesa County Goals

Grand Junction Wayfinding Map

Low stress bike routes with signs to help you navigate.

Grand Junction Bike & Pedestrian Routes

A more expansive map of routes with sidewalks and bike lanes.

Fruita Bike Routes

Well-marked routes through Fruita.

Download the Mesa County Safe Routes mobile app to find the safest route to school or find routes around the Grand Valley for walking, biking, and rolling.

Step 2: Gather Your Gear

  • Helmet.   Protect yourself!
  • Lock.    Use a D-Lock or Kryptonite lock to safely secure your bike.
  • Lights.   Be visible to drivers with a white front light and a red rear light.
  • Your ID. Identification is important in case of an emergency.
  • Cell Phone. A fully charged phone may be helpful for navigation and in case of an emergency.
  • Something to Carry Your Stuff. Try a rack, basket or pannier.
  • Flat-changing Supplies. Bring a bike pump, spare tube, and tire levers to remove the tire.

Tip for New Commuters: Think about bringing a change of clothes and lunch and other supplies you will need for the day! Consider leaving an extra change of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and towel at work so you have less to carry during your commute.

Step 3: Support Bike Commuting

Employers and businesses can support commuting.


  • Provide a bike rack.

  • Provide basic bike repair tools. Consider partnering with neighboring
    businesses to install an outdoor bike repair station.

  • Display local biking maps, commuter routes, and other printed materials.

  • Providing small incentives to encourage bicycle commuting. This can be especially
    beneficial if parking is limited at or near your workplace.

  • Consider becoming a bicycle friendly business here. Review the Attributes of a Bicycle Friendly
    Business or apply to become a Bike Friendly Business here.

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