We do not live in a one-size-fits-all world

We do not live in a one-size-fits-all world

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By Samantha Williams/Personal Trainer

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We do not live in a one-size-fits-all world.

You probably think this is going to be all about how people are made up of all different shapes and sizes, right?


While that is true, that is not what you are about to read.


I am talking about the world of fitness. It’s not one size fits all. There is no cookie cutter mold for how it should be done. No one workout plan is THE BEST PLAN EVER, and no trainer is THE BEST TRAINER FOR EVERYONE.


You have probably seen a million pins and ads or have heard friends talk about how their way of exercising or staying fit is the one, the magic 15 minutes a day to keep you looking amazing, blah, blah, blah.


First of all, not everyone wants to look like a model. Some people just want strength or health, and that is just fine, too.


Being in the fitness industry, I know many people who are endurance athletes, fitness models/competitors, cross fitters, mountain bikers, strength/powerlifters, yogis, group fitness junkies, ect. I appreciate each of these individuals and their approach to living a happy, healthy lifestyle. 


But I too often hear each different group bashing another. That I do not appreciate. 


Just because somebody has a different view on what healthy or fit looks like doesn’t make him or her wrong; it makes them different. And diversity in the world is what makes life fun andinteresting. 


Each different modality has its strengthes and weaknesses, and not every person is built to do every workout. Therein lies the problem. People decide to ridicule what they can’t do by saying another’s way is wrong. This only shows how strong your jealousy and pride are … not how strong you are.


No matter what form of fitness/exercise you choose, you run the risk of injury. If you don’t think you do, you are sadly mistaken. For some, it’s a physical injury, and for others a mental injury. Still for others, it might be a serious metabolic injury because of a diet they might have to follow for their sport of choice.


But if you are in a sport you love, it just might be worth it to you. 


We all need to start admiring each other for our respective sports, whatever those are.


So, hey, powerlifters: Stop making fun of the treadmillers.


Hey, endurance athletes: Stop acting like the fitness models aren’t athletes; they bust their butts, too. 


Dear yoga peeps and cross fitters: You might be on two far ends of the spectrum, but you are both amazing at what YOU do. 


Just because it’s not your “thing,” doesn’t make it wrong. Let’s all learn to see the athlete in others who don’t match our mold for what fitness looks like. 


We are all in this for health after all, right? Hating on others can’t be good for our health.


Samantha Williams is a personal trainer with her company Fit 4:13. She owns Rhema Music & Clothing Company in Fruita and is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer through the Fruita Community Center. She is the mother of two beautiful girls and the wife of an incredibly talented musician. She was born and raised in Fruita, and can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. Join her March Fitness Challenge on her Fit 4:13 Facebook page. No matter what your size, you are welcome to participate in the free month of workouts!


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