Child Maltreatment Prevention

How are the Children?® works to prevent child abuse and neglect through parent education and family support, community outreach, and improving systems that are designed to help build a foundation for strong families to ensure a healthy start for children in Mesa County.

Our Partners

  • 21st Judicial District
  • Altitude Pediatrics
  • Ariel Clinical Partners 
  • CASA 
  • Community Hospital
  • Hilltop Family Services
  • Joseph Center
  • Mesa County Attorney’s Office
  • Mesa County Commissioners
  • Mesa County Department of Human Services
  • Mesa County Public Health
  • Mesa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Mind Springs Health
  • Project 1.27
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plans
  • School District 51

Our Goals

  • Ensure that Mesa County has high quality and adequate programs and services that build a foundation for strong families.
  • Integrate intervention programs into family support systems in Mesa County.
  • Effectively communicate the availability of resources and opportunities that are in place to support families, including independent prevention practices. 
  • Increase access to a continuum of behavioral health services for children, youth and families.
  • Streamline communication and collaboration across agencies to ensure appropriate information is shared at the right time and partner actions are clear and consistent.
  • Address the root causes of poor health behaviors and outcomes that lead to poor outcomes for youth at the system and community-levels.