Families that play together have more fun

Families that play together have more fun

By Lorie Gregor/Grand Junction Parks and Recreation


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Where’s the best place for your family to go and play?

It’s free, unlimited and is known as the great outdoors! That is the best place to play together! We are so lucky to live in a place where there are so many options for play. Everywhere you look there are beautiful parks, trails, playgrounds, the Colorado National Monument, the Grand Mesa, the Bookcliffs, the Colorado River and much more. Opportunities surround us and nature beckons us to share in the fun and fresh air and to frolic in her beauty.

Have you ever taken your family for a bike ride or a walk down the Riverfront Trail? It’s easy to get to and there are many access points across the valley depending where you live. The trail has lots of little pull-offs where you can be right next to the Colorado River and splash in the water. There are tons of birds, eagles, owls, foxes and deer skittering about in the trees and bushes. It’s a great place to have a family picnic and enjoy being together outside, right in your own backyard!

To increase the family fun factor, involve everyone in the planning process. You’ll be surprised at the ideas that come to life. It’s important that everyone feels a part of the family fun day. Here are some ways to make play a part of your life:

  • Book it into your calendar. Set a play date with your family at least once a week.
  • Talk about your next play day at the dinner table and include everyone in the planning.
  • If your plan involves nature, for instance, research different animals you saw on your play date and present to the family.
  • Be together as a family on your play date – leave the electronics behind.
  • Pack a picnic and have each member of the family choose a food they want to bring.
  • Take turns choosing what the play dates should be.
  • Focus on play dates that are low-cost or free.
  • Turn a walk around the neighborhood into a treasure hunt.
  • Use your imagination and use what you find outside to add to the fun.
  • Check www.gjparksandrec.org for lots of low-cost, fun opportunities.
  • Check www.visitgrandjunction.com for a calendar of current events, festivals and more.


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