Mastering Your Life

Mastering Your Life


By Katrina Katen/Individual Matters

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When the voice and the vision on the inside become more profound, clear and loud than the opinions on the outside, you have mastered your life.” — Dr. John F. DeMartini 

I am kicking off my first blog post with a powerful quote by Dr. John F. DeMartini, a leading figure in the world of human behavior and personal development.

The message from the quote captures what I believe to be essential to healthy living: discovering and trusting your inner compass. It can be so easy to get knocked off course by self-doubt and unwarranted guilt, which often results from the “should haves,” criticisms and judgments of others.   

As a clinical psychologist, I am passionate about helping individuals master their own lives by embracing strengths and gifts while honoring distinct styles of thinking, feeling and relating.

Mastering your life starts with discovering and celebrating who you are as an individual and then defining what you want in life. By clarifying your ideas of happiness and success, you can then take the actions necessary for transforming them into reality. 

Your thoughts lead your actions, and your actions change your life!

In my blog, I hope to share my knowledge of and passion for psychology with the goal of helping you embrace your uniqueness and discover where your inner compass can lead you.


Dr. Katrina Katen is a local psychologist and owner of Individual Matters, LLC. With a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and a master’s degree emphasis in marriage and family therapy, she is passionate about all things psychology. Beyond her work, she loves spending time with her family and experiencing all that is offered in this beautiful state.


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