It’s never too late to fall in love with fitness

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By Samantha Williams/Personal Trainer


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It’s never to late to fall in love with fitness.
Most people I meet assume I have always been athletic or into sports.
Not true.
At all.  
I tried several different sports as a child, but I never stuck with anything. I was married to the love of my life (which means I put on a few… 20 lbs!) when I was 21. We wasted no time in starting our family, giving birth to our daughter Chloe in 2002, then Kiya in 2007.
Between two pregnancies, not taking care of myself and a love of all food, I was out of shape and overweight, not to mention very unhappy with myself.  
That is when my husband and I joined our local gym. I remember my first fitness class: The instructor told us we would do 80 pushups throughout the entire class (along with a bunch of other things that I couldn’t do).  
I managed to do two of the 80 pushups (on my knees) and left that day in tears.  
That was my push to get in shape and take responsibility for my health.
Within six months, I was at my first training to become a spin instructor, one year later a second certification for weight lifting, five years later, personal trainer certified.  
I teach five classes a week to the most amazing inspirational people and have several clients I train throughout the week.  
But that is just my part-time job. I am a full-time wife and mother; that is my number 1 priority. I also own a clothing and music store with my husband in Fruita called Rhema Music & Clothing.  
All of this I am able to get done and have energy BECAUSE I work out. The hour or two a day that I spend at the gym gives me the boost I need to get all the other stuff done. Not to mention it makes me a better, happier, healthier mom.
Don’t get me wrong. There are days I wake up and do not want to go to the gym or workout, but I know that I will feel better once I do.  I am 32 years old and feel better than I ever have, all because I decided to START.
Oh and by the way, I can do a few more push ups these days.
In my future blogs, you will get mini-workouts, tips for healthy eating, how to manage your health with a busy life and motivation (I can’t be Jillian Michaels through these blogs, but hopefully I can give you the push you need).
I also have a Facebook page with monthly fitness challenges you can go and “like” to get more from me:
Samantha Williams is a personal trainer with her company Fit 4:13. She owns Rhema Music & Clothing Company in Fruita and is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer through the Fruita Community Center. She is the mother of two beautiful girls and the wife of an incredibly talented musician. She was born and raised in Fruita, and can’t imagine calling anywhere else home.


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