Don’t Fall For It… Get Outside!

Don’t Fall For It… Get Outside!


by Seth Anderson

Ute Canyon gold trees RandyLangstraatFall is a great time to get exercise outside or even around town.  Everyone relishes the idea of summer.  The reality is we often hide indoors mid-day hoping for cool mornings and evenings.    

Now fall is upon us, and things are cooling off. We can head outside without risking heat stroke, and we have just enough daylight to get our hearts pumping and see what’s ahead. It’s awesome! Still, take water, clothes and essentials just in case.   


Here are some suggestions to take full advantage of all fall weather:  

Canyon Colors

The aspens in much of Colorado and on the Grand Mesa have turned in early this year.  Our desert canyons in the Colorado National Monument and around Gateway hide gold in their depths.  The Fremont cottonwood trees turn bright yellow, and the scrub oaks turn from orange to red 

belowdevilskitchenby Seth

offering a contrasting rainbow amid glowing pink sandstone walls.  Southern Colorado and New Mexico aspens turn later, into early October so a road trip south would also be worthy.   

Finding Gold

A short hike near Devils Kitchen usually offers a great display of golden leaves near the creek bottom.  Rough and Ladder Canyon on Little Park Road are quick trips, as well. A bike ride over the Monument or even better along the Delores River near Gateway would really brighten up a crisp day.  Even the Colorado River trails light up with color. 

Share the Gold

It’s fun to see fall trees in person, but I find the challenge of photographing this delight worthwhile, and fall desert color photos aren’t that common.  Grand Junction’s Randy Langstraat of Anasazi Photography has some great images to give you an idea of what to strive for.



Street Powder

Around town, the leaves pil up on the streets and sidewalks.  Biking around town is made more interesting by driving through the leaves like deep powder snow on a blower day.  It is still fun for me if only in my broad imagination… I’m not sure the neighbors love it?  

Good Neighbors

Speaking of neighbors, the fire department suggests raking leaves regularly during the fall to help mitigate fire danger, keep debris down, and probably just to make peace with up- tight folks in the hood.  Raking leaves and doing home upkeep is great exercise and pretty much a civic duty. I’ll try to remember that the next time I ride away from the house to find leafy powder piles.  

 Whatever it is you choose to do, get outside and enjoy all fall has to offer!


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