Bacon, football and mental health

Bacon, football and mental health

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By Kyle Horst/Marriage and Family Therapist


Kyle Horst

Men, on average, can expect to live five years less than women. There is no data that indicates any biological reason for this.

One major factor that contributes to this disparity is healthcare utilization. Men are more likely to avoid going to doctors when presented with symptoms. This is especially true with symptoms of poor mental health, which might explain why in Mesa County the suicide rate for men is almost three times that of women.

So, gentlemen, please check out these two resources that address mental health issues in men:

Kyle Horst, PhD. is a medical family therapist at St. Mary’s Family Medicine Residency where he helps individuals, couples and families heal. He is newly wed and a new resident to the Grand Valley. You might find him enjoying a good book and good Colorado brew.


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