Living Every Day of Your Life

Living Every Day of Your Life


By Randee Bergen


Randee Bergen Color

I’ll start by saying that I’m grateful for the opportunity to blog for HealthyMesaCounty and am excited to see what this website will have to offer.

My mission, here, and in all ways, is to promote living every day of life. My intent is to inspire others to go beyond an ordinary existence by exploring physical places, connecting with other human beings, getting involved and discovering the deeper emotions that make a person truly happy and healthy.

My hope is that you feel alive every moment of your life.

I come to you as a teacher, a single mother of two teens, a writer, a hard worker, someone who’s gone through some tough stuff, an enthusiast of physical activity and a person who tries to take advantage of all that our community and the Western Slope has to offer.

So, here’s to living!

Randee Bergen is on a mission to live every day of life.


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