Have a healthy, happy holiday

Have a healthy, happy holiday

Ciera skiing at Copper Mountain Ski Resort on Thanksgiving Day - Nov. 23, 2017.

Ciera skiing at Copper Mountain Ski Resort on Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 23, 2017.

by Ciera Colson

When thinking about the holidays the first things that come to mind are the dinner parties, gift giving and the sweet taste of holiday treats.  All of this can lead to a stressful season in which you may not have a chance to focus on yourself. Even though the holidays are about spreading love and cheer to others, it’s still important to take some time to think about your own health and well-being.

Try these tips to help cope with stress and limit weight gain that many of us fear during this time.

  1. Use a smaller plate. While we may want a larger plate to fit all of the food options, opting for the smaller plate will cut down on portion size. Remember, if you’re still hungry you can always go back for seconds, so why not start light?
  1. Make veggie dishes. When attending a dinner party it’s tradition that every guest brings their own dish. To ensure that there is a healthy option, make a dish that is mostly vegetables. The Internet has countless options and making a new dish can be a lot of fun.
  1. Park far away. When you go holiday shopping it’s tempting to wait around for a close parking spot because of the colder temperatures; however, you’ll save more time by picking a spot further away and it’ll increase your step count for the day.
  1. Get a ski pass. One thing that a lot of people lack during the winter time is exercise. It’s so much easier to stay inside all cozied up, but staying active is important and fun. Skiing is a great way to get outside and get in the exercise you need to stay healthy.  Living in Colorado, we have access to world renowned ski resorts that only take up to 30 minutes to get to. Anyone can ski for a relatively low price and if you’ve never skied before, most resorts offer full-day ski lessons. Powderhorn Mountain Resort is practically in our backyard and it’s worth checking out.
  1. Drink tea instead of hot chocolate. After a long day of playing out in the snow or shopping it’s tempting to want to warm up and relax with a cup of hot cocoa, which can contain up to 200 calories. An easy substitute is tea that comes in hundreds of flavors and only has three calories in one cup. Bonus – lots of teas have added health benefits.
  1. Have a movie day. Treat yourself with a relaxing snow day inside. It’s important to recuperate during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. So sit back, relax, and unwind with your loved ones throughout the season.

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