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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – A new study has analyzed life expectancy based on where you live in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released an interactive map, where you can see differences in life expectancy neighborhood by neighborhood. It shows people living just a few miles away from each other, can have very different opportunities for a long life.

Locally, the areas with the worst life expectancy are pockets in Clifton, Orchard Mesa, and downtown Grand Junction. Meanwhile, some of the areas with higher life expectancy are in the Redlands and Orchard Mesa.

Those with Mesa County Public Health said some of the biggest factors in life expectancy are socioeconomic factors, access to education, and both code and law enforcement presence. “How do we build our neighborhoods? How do we build our community? How do we change the culture within our community? And it does, it happens one neighborhood at a time. And that’s why I think those census codes are such a great small chunk,” said Jeff Kuhr, the executive director at Mesa County Public Health.

Kuhr said this study is helpful, because it comes as MCPH is doing a proactive program in Clifton, where they plan on creating community connectedness. Kuhr says that connection is directly related to life expectancy.

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