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February 17, 2014

Do you know the current air quality conditions?

By Ed Brotsky / Mesa County Health Department Last time around, we looked at using the Air Quality Index as a tool to interpret the oftentimes confusing world of air pollution and personal health. As we know, air pollution comes in many different forms, and each type can have different […]
February 14, 2014

Pickleball, anyone?

By Randee Bergen Pickleball. Have you heard of it? Makes me think of charades. Two words. First word. Sounds like tickle. Pickle. Second word. Sounds like wall. Ball. Pickle, ball. Pickleball. It’s a game. Sort of a cross between badminton, tennis and ping-pong. It is played on a badminton-sized court, […]
February 10, 2014

How to Really Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

By Elisa Jones / Grand Valley Trails Alliance I’m sure you’ve seen the news articles, the billboards, the commercials. You know that the flu is bad this year. And I’ll bet you’ve gotten your flu shot, purchased a gallon-size container of hand sanitizer AND the anti-microbial tissues.   Right?   […]
February 10, 2014

Working with judgment

By Sheri Covey / Ortho Bionomy Instructor   “I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.”  – Douglas Pagels “I think that my job is to observe people and […]
February 7, 2014

What’s Coo5king?

By Randee Bergen Without much effort on my part, I have found myself chairing a committee to put on a 5K race. The PTA at my school started kicking around the idea last fall. I happened to mention, at one of the meetings, that I was on the board of […]
February 6, 2014

Big opportunities are found in little moments

By Sarah Johnson/The Parenting Place During most of my daughter’s first 10 years, I was lucky enough to be able to pull off working 25 hours a week or less. When she was a baby, I didn’t work outside the home at all. We definitely made financial sacrifices during all […]
February 4, 2014

Our underlying philosophies

By Katrina Katen/Individual Matters   “Philosophy is the lens for interpretation and compass for action.” –Andrew Katen What is your reaction when you hear the word philosophy? Some people roll their eyes as images of Socrates and other Greek thinkers dressed in white robes, sipping red wine, come to mind.  […]
January 31, 2014
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Making it about more than the number on the scale

By Samantha Williams/Personal Trainer     I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor, and January is always the month of “newbies” and their New Year’s resolutions. I love their enthusiasm and how set they are on this being the year they eat better, work out harder and finally reach […]
January 28, 2014

Air quality index – an indispensable tool

By Edward Brotsky/Mesa County Health Department   Air pollution comes in many forms, and keeping track of all of them can be a confusing task. Different types of pollution come from different sources, have different health effects, and each has its own thresholds for when health warnings are triggered. To […]
January 27, 2014

Families that play together have more fun

By Lorie Gregor/Grand Junction Parks and Recreation   Where’s the best place for your family to go and play? It’s free, unlimited and is known as the great outdoors! That is the best place to play together! We are so lucky to live in a place where there are so […]
January 24, 2014

Birthday climb

By Randee Bergen     I climbed Mt. Garfield for the first time seven years ago, on my 41st birthday, about a year after moving to Grand Junction. My children were younger then, 8 and 10, and I knew it would be challenging for them. Heck, it was challenging for […]
January 23, 2014

Find a way to remember the little things

By Sarah Johnson/The Parenting Place   The day I found out I was pregnant, I started to write. I had always been a writer at heart, starting with my third grade diary and continuing into college when I studied journalism. But a career shift to social work, marriage and just […]
January 22, 2014
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How ditching meat alienated me from my family

By Elisa Jones / Grand Valley Trails Alliance I’ve been shunned from my family. Though they would disagree, I think. At least in part. I still see them. I still talk to them. They even talk to me on occasion. But they just don’t agree with some of my life […]
January 21, 2014

Learn When to Burn

By Edward Brotsky/Mesa County Health Department In winter, the Grand Valley becomes subject to thermal inversions and their associated high levels of fine particle pollution. Cold, stagnant air allows for the buildup of pollution over time, particularly from wood-burning smoke and vehicle exhaust. The longer the duration of the inversion, […]
January 16, 2014

It’s all downhill from here

  The other day I went straight to the grocery store after leaving work around 4:20 p.m. Gathering my bags from my cart, I tucked my purse tightly under my arm, got my keys in hand and prepared to hustle through the cold and dark parking lot to my vehicle. […]