Our Goal: Develop the Monument Corridor as a nexus for a high quality of life, healthy lifestyles and economic development.

 Monument Corridor Multi-Use Trail & Lunch Loops Trailhead Planning

The Monument Corridor servers many recreational user groups, residents and visitors with an unrivaled natural scenic landscape to explore and enjoy. Public input and design will incorporate opinions on trail capacity and connections, trailhead design, safety and views.

Improving the visitor experience and community access through a collaborative planning partnership between public land entities and non-governmental partners, including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), City of Grand Junction, Mesa Land Trust, Colorado National Monument/National Parks Service and Mesa County.

Project partners, with community participation, will:

  • Determine improvements to Facilities at the Lunch Loop Trailhead that meet the needs of current and future recreation users, while minimizing impacts to existing resources. These improvements will enhance safety and enrich the visitor experience
  • Improve active transportation and recreational trail access through the design and construction of a multi-use trail connecting the Colorado Riverfront Trail to the monument Corridor.
  • Incorporate strategies for meeting community needs and addressing the preservation of our local quality of life while being responsive to outdoor recreation tourism.


Through small focus groups, email responses to survey questions, intercept surveys at the trailhead, and public and partner meetings, the community will identify issues to be addressed at the Lunch Loops trailhead and parking area. Renderings reflecting community and partner input will be presented at a minimum of two public meetings.


Through small focus groups, email responses to survey questions, intercept surveys at the trailhead, and public and partner meetings, the community will identify needs and desires for a path that will connect the Riverfront Trail to the Lunch Loops trailhead and the Lunch Loops and Three Sisters trail systems. Renderings of alignments and design elements of the path will be presented at public meetings.

Community input was gathered initially though partner meetings and small focus groups with stakeholder representative March 7 – March 9. You can also email your responses to the following survey questions below to libby@mesalandtrust.org.

Renderings and designs based on this initial feedback will be produced for public meetings April – June. Please look for those meetings dates on this website.

Please feel free to provide input to this public process by responding to some or all of these questions. Thank you for your time.


Existing Conditions 

  • How do you currently use the Lunch Loop facilities? 
  • What is the greatest feature of the facilities? 
  • What is the greatest threat/challenge/issue to the trailhead/facilities? 
  • Are there any current issues with the parking lot/trail system heading from the lot into the trail systems? 
  • Are there safety issues with any of the area’s facilities? 
  • Are the restroom facilities adequate? 


Design/improvement preference questions: 

  • What new facilities or features would you like to see? 
  • What improvements are currently needed? What improvements/additions to the current facilities would encourage you or your organization to use the trailhead more frequently? Would you volunteer to help? 
  • What is the most common trailhead-related comment you hear from your organization or others? 
  • What improvements would you like to see? Why? 
  • What improvements would you not like to see? Why? 


Bike Park 

  • What works well, what doesn’t – how could it be improved? 
  • How do people socialize near the bike park and/or where do people like to view the park from when riders are out there? Where are the gathering areas? 


  • Is parking capacity sufficient? 
  • Are parking facilities adequate? 
  • Are there issues with traffic flow? 


Social Areas 

  • What do you like about how people socialize now? 
  • What don’t you like? 
  • What would you change? 



  • Is trailhead signage/information adequate and appropriate 
  • What would you do to improve signage? 


Multi-Use Trail 

  • Thoughts on: 
    • The two trail alignment alternatives? (Eliminating existing natural surface trail and replacing with concrete mixed use trail? 
    • Multi-use trail surface type(s)?